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I heard a lot of people saying if it were to be back in Vegas, they would be all over it. So who is going?

Also, what's everybody doing with the next gen stuff? It seems the Wii is pretty popular. I bought a ps3, but mostly for Blu-ray. I like hd-dvd better and have had some issues with the ps3. So far, I enjoy the xbox 360 the most, but I will admit the Wii is being neglected in my home.

Wii Friends

Since DP is down I figured that this was better than nothing

Wii Friends code

2410 8090 7954 9799

Add em if you've got em!
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Just a Note

I thought it would be worth noting that the DP boards are moving to a new system! Hopefully there will be many more users to join and many more great post in DP's future!
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I thought it should be noted that Queen Of The Felines has left DP and that Joe has MS. Both things suck. But Joe is an upbeat guy and he said they caught it early. I am sure we all wish him the best and have also done so in the thread about it. As far as QOF, it doesn't sit well with me at all, but I am not sure what to say on the matter